How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Step by Step Guide

How To Buy Bitcoin
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How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC): One of modern finance’s lesser-known mysteries has made many millionaires. It has raised eyebrows from banks, leaders, and even the smartest financial advisers we care about in its more than 10 years of existence.

But bitcoin’s price continues to rise as its value and demand rise. If you don’t know, only 21 million bitcoins will be mined and 18 million bitcoins will be mined.

Here are the steps to buy bitcoin:

  1. Choose a wallet for bitcoin.
  2. To buy bitcoins, find a merchant/website (listed below).
  3. Choose your method of payment.
  4. Buy and store bitcoin in your wallet.

We all have friends like that, and if you’re studying alone or you’ve got a guide that explained to you about bitcoin, and you’ve done your research, then you’re on the right track to buying bitcoin.

This guide on how to buy or think about bitcoin as your life-changing step will help you understand every aspect of keeping your life’s rarest investment. Bitcoin is not a joke compared to gold, as it is the inherent nature of quality reserves.

We’re going to look into this in the next chapter. Like any financial expert, though, I have to warn you that buying bitcoin is risky and carries the same risk as investing in mutual funds, buying gold, or taking loans.

Investing in bitcoin, on the contrary, can free you from this life-long crisis and you need to be practical and smart right now, especially when you’re just a step away from your financial freedom.

Let’s dive

There’s a lot of ways to buy bitcoins. The best way to buy bitcoin depends on which country you come from and which payment methods to buy bitcoin you want to use.

Where you want to store your bitcoins is another important factor to keep in mind. The best way to do this is to use a bitcoin hardware wallet to ensure your bitcoins have maximum security. If you are planning to use bitcoin for regular payments, this is a complete beginner’s guide to learning how to buy bitcoin for people from any part of the world. We’ve shared some of the most widely used and reliable ways you can buy digital gold from bitcoin.

What does that mean to you?

You should spend the next hour (literally 60 minutes) learning all you need to buy bitcoin before you spend your hard-earned money.

This article will guide you and I have linked to a select resource that will help you buy and hold bitcoins.

I’ve linked our best resources to help you get deeper and learn how to buy bitcoins. Nonetheless, I promise you, you’ll be able to buy bitcoins within the next 60 minutes and you’ll be one of those lucky individuals who’ll hold some bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin Instantly with a Credit Card

The fastest way to use your debit/credit card to buy bitcoins. You can own bitcoins in minutes using this form. Moreover, using a small amount, you can buy once or on a regular basis. There are many financially regulated firms that make sure you get the best bitcoin price when you buy bitcoin.

For buying bitcoins with a credit card, there are websites here.


It’s straight forward to use these two websites and even if you’ve never bought bitcoin before, it’s going to be easy.

How do you Buy a Bitcoin?

  1. Go to the CEX website.
  2. Create an Account.
  3. Complete KYC and account verification (approximately 2-5 minutes).
  4. Use your card or bank account to fund your CEX account.

How To Buy Bitcoin

The commission of international or domestic bank transfer is free of charge. You can use the card to fund the fast process of your account.

Click Buy Bitcoin after the funds have been added and enter the amount you want to buy Bitcoin for:

How To Buy Bitcoin

You’ll be the proud owner of bitcoin in seconds.

Use Bitcoin ATM

You can use an ATM to buy bitcoins in many countries.

Buy Bitcoin from Exchanges

Another best way to buy bitcoins is to exchange bitcoins. They provide high liquidity, which is worthless if you want to sell your coin. However, it is not as straightforward to use an exchange as websites that sell bitcoins.

Here are the top bitcoin exchanges websites:


Buy country-based bitcoins

There are many country-specific websites in your local currency that allow you to buy bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin in UK CEX
Buy bitcoin in USA Coinbase
Buy Bitcoin in Australia Coinspot
Buy Bitcoin in Russia Binance
Buy Bitcoin in India Wazirx
Buy Bitcoin in Canada Coinmama
Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Luno
Buy Bitcoin in Venezuela Coinmama

If you want me to add more countries, just leave a comment to buy bitcoins, which I will add to your country-specific website.

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