May 28, 2020
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Digital MLB Bobbleheads on Ethereum Network Fetch Thousands of Dollars in Sale

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The MLB players ‘ digital bobbleheads published on the blockchain of the Ethereum have generated thousands of dollars in sales. Such bobbleheads were part of an MLB-licensed game called the MLB Championship developed by a virtual company called Lucid Sight located in Los Angeles.

Randy Saaf, Lucid Sights CEO said,

“Initially these were crypto cards on it. We printed crypto on 40,000 paper wallets with private keys. The average Dodgers fan didn’t necessarily know what to do with them. But some of them were like fans, they’re going to be special. We wanted to give a tangible gift because fans are just for show and you just have to give the product as an item.”

Current Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, whose bobblehead received $7,300 dollars, included some of the most notable transactions, while Clayton Kershaw, the bobblehead of the LA Dodger star, received $3,500.

During the 2018 show, Lucid Sites reached an agreement with MBL to create a digital bobblehead, producing a digital collectible game based on the actual results of the game. During the next World Series to be held in late October, Lucid is set to launch the next version of the game.

How does the Digital Collective Game work?

MLB Champions is an online fantasy league game based on results and data from real-life matches, the game is also a high-efficiency Statcast tool to monitor all players, their scores, player movements and then use it in the digital version. Uses. If they wish, a fantasy player may create a token version of the game player. Such forms of online collectibles are gaining popularity very quickly, and in the near future, Lucid Sites predicts it will have a large market share in fantasy league games.

One USP of the scarcity-based game is that the collectibles from one season can not be moved to the next. So if a player wants a 2019 virtual collectible, they can’t buy it in the game and they need to connect with other fantasy players they’ve got collectibles for. The game makers claim this function generates a secondary market for these online collections that makes them rarer and more desirable.

There has been a major advance in the use of blockchain outside cryptocurrencies, the decentralized apps (DAP) field is overflowing with more blockchain games every day, and the popularity of something like the MLB Championship is evidence that there is a lot of Digital business is a big market.

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